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Digitho Technologies Inc

Bromont QC Canada

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Fraud Management

Traceability at the die level

Digitho provides die level traceability solution at the wafer level. This ensures continuous traceability of semiconductors along with the supply chain and the life cycle of a semiconductor.

Fraud and export control management is becoming an ever-increasing issue in the industry, especially with the rise of semiconductor shortages.

Video online shows companies in Asia erasing the packaging markings with laser and printing new labels. This is in order to requalify a semiconductor, for example, automotive, while it was meant to be used for consumer goods. As a result, the semiconductor does not meet qualification certification.

The end result can be catastrophic for the user and anyone in the supply chain. With a 2D code on the die, the possibility of defrauding is reduced. It also allows double-checking the component origin when in doubt.